A whole service approach

The Achievement Program has a guiding framework for a whole service approach to health and wellbeing.

Each dimension in our framework is a key driver in creating a healthy service that includes every aspect of life at an early childhood service.

Early Childhood Services Framework

Leadership and Commitment

Gain leadership support to make sure your health and wellbeing policies and practices are carried out across the service.

Healthy Physical Environment

Make sure your buildings, facilities and practices support health and wellbeing.

Healthy Culture

Create a service culture that supports healthy behaviours for everyone.

Child Teaching and Learning

Embed health and wellbeing messages in your curriculum and support children to develop knowledge and skills to make healthy choices and habits.

Supported staff and educators

Ensure staff and educators have access to resources and support for their own health and wellbeing.

Families and Community Partnerships

Build relationships, access expert health programs, and promote health and wellbeing to children, staff, educators, families and your whole community.