A whole organisation approach

A whole organisation approach is the guiding framework for everything we do in the Achievement Program.

It is based on the principle that a healthy workplace is one where the environment, policies, practices and culture all support health and healthy behaviours.

Use the Achievement Program framework to help you build health initiatives that are inclusive, practical, sustainable, and reflect the unique needs of your organisation.

Workplaces framework.


Healthy Culture

Healthy workplaces promote wellbeing across all areas of life in the workplace, from mental health to physical health, and the economic and social wellbeing of employees, their families, the community and society.

Healthy Physical Environment

Make sure your buildings, facilities and practices support health and wellbeing and that all employees and visitors can move and participate unimpeded.

Healthy Community Connections

All organisations are part of a community, you can use resources around you to help promote health, establish connections with your neighbourhood, and show your community you are leaders in health and wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing Opportunities

Offering health and wellbeing resources to support workers is a vital part of creating a healthy workplace, whether that’s opportunities for professional development, or ensuring your workforce are consulted on your health initiatives.

Promoting health in the workplace works best when it’s a joint effort, where employers, employees and the wider community work together to improve the health and wellbeing of people in the organisation and create sustainable health practices that ultimately become part of your daily work life.