The Healthy Early Childhood Services Health Priority Areas

Physical Activity

Healthy physical activity in children helps promote growth and development of healthy hearts, bones, muscles, and minds as well as motor skills and emotional regulation. This health priority area focuses on physical activity participation, fundamental movement skills and reducing sedentary behaviour, ultimately promoting health and wellbeing in childcare.

Healthy Eating and Oral Health

A healthy diet is essential for growth and development, and helps prevent health issues such as iron deficiency, dental issues and obesity. [ref:CDC]. This health priority area focuses on supporting healthy eating, including nutrition, positive food habits and food literacy, and supporting oral health and hygiene practices.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing can affect every part of life in your service, from children and family engagement to staff and educator morale. This health priority area focusses on social and emotional wellbeing and resilience.

Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs

Tobacco, alcohol and drugs are linked to serious health issues including addiction and cancer. This health priority area focuses on creating smoke-free and drug-free environments and responsible alcohol consumption.

Sun Protection

A balanced approach to UV exposure helps boost vitamin D levels, while minimising skin and eye damage, and the risk of skin cancer.This health priority area focuses on the creation of environments and behaviours that will prevent over-exposure to UV radiation.

Safe Environments

A safe environment promotes healthy behaviours, complies with safety guidelines, and makes sure all children can move around with ease, regardless of their ability. A safe environment is also free from discrimination, bullying, and harassment, and ensures all children, staff and educators feel supported. This health priority area focuses on supporting physical safety, cultural safety and cyber safety.